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MilfsCity Review: Does It Deliver What It Promises?

Are you ready to find the perfect MILF for your dating needs? Well, MilfsCity is here and it’s got everything you need! But how does this site stack up against other popular dating sites? Is it worth signing up for or should you look elsewhere? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes MilfsCity so special – from its features to user experience. So buckle in and let’s dive into our exploration of all things Milf-related!


Well, if you’re looking for a dating site that’s worth your time and money, MilfsCity ain’t it. It’s like the bargain bin of online dating – sure there might be something in there but you’ll have to dig through some pretty nasty stuff before finding anything worthwhile. I mean let’s face it: with all those fake profiles and sketchy users, why would anyone want to waste their precious time? Save yourself the hassle and find another option!

MilfsCity in 10 seconds

  • MilfsCity is an online dating site that helps people find matches based on their interests and preferences.
  • The matching algorithm uses data from users’ profiles to suggest compatible partners.
  • MilfsCity offers both free and premium subscriptions, with prices ranging from $9.99 to $29.99 per month.
  • MilfsCity also has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.
  • Compared to other dating sites, MilfsCity’s pricing is quite competitive.
  • MilfsCity ensures user privacy by using SSL encryption and verifying user identities.
  • Users can also verify their profile photos to make sure they are talking to real people.
  • MilfsCity has a “Hot or Not” feature which allows users to quickly rate potential matches.
  • MilfsCity also offers an advanced search feature to help users narrow down their search results.
  • MilfsCity also provides 24/7 customer support to help users with any issues they may have.

Pros & Cons

  • MilfsCity is super easy to use and navigate.
  • It has a great selection of mature women looking for dates.
  • The messaging system makes it easy to connect with potential matches quickly.
  • Limited user base compared to other dating sites
  • Not many features for free users
  • No option to search by location
  • Profiles are not very detailed
  • Lack of customer support

How we reviewed MilfsCity

As an online dating expert, I take reviewing sites like MilfsCity seriously. That’s why my team and I went the extra mile to make sure we gave you a thorough review of this site. We tested both free and paid versions for accuracy, user experience, security measures in place etc., so that our readers can get all the information they need before signing up with any website. We also took time sending messages to other users on MilfsCity – over 100 messages were sent during our testing period which lasted around 10 days! This allowed us to gain insights into how quickly people responded back as well as what kind of conversations ensued after initial contact was made between two users on the platform. Our commitment doesn’t end there; we even looked at customer service support provided by MilfsCity (in case something goes wrong) and checked out their privacy policy too – just another way for us show that no stone is left unturned when it comes to providing comprehensive reviews here at Online Dating Expert!

Mobile App

Ah, MilfsCity. The dating site that has it all! But does it have a mobile app? Well folks, the answer is yes and no. Unfortunately for those of us who like to do our online dating on-the-go, there isn’t an official native app available from MilfsCity yet. That said though, they did recently launch their own web application which works pretty much just as well as any other native apps out there – so you can still get your swiping fix while away from home or office! The main advantage of using this web version over downloading a separate mobile app is convenience; users don’t need to worry about taking up valuable storage space on their device with yet another download or having to keep track of multiple logins across different platforms – everything’s kept in one place within the browser window itself. And if that wasn’t enough already then here comes the kicker: It’s totally free too! What more could you ask for?! Of course nothing ever comes without its drawbacks and unfortunately when it comes to this particular case things are no different either; loading times tend be slower than what we’re used too nowadays with modern day applications due mostly because most devices aren’t quite optimized properly yet (although developers are working hard at fixing these issues). Also since this type of technology relies heavily upon internet connection speeds performance may vary depending where exactly you happen be located at any given time – but again developers seem confident they’ll eventually find ways around such problems soon enough anyway…so fingers crossed I guess?

So yeah overall even though right now Milf City doesn’t offer its very own dedicated mobile phone application per se,it’s certainly not lagging behind either thanks largely in part by its new found web based alternative solution instead. So until further notice why not give them both a try sometime and see how each one fares compared against each other? Afterall variety IS indeed spice life after all!

User Profiles

If you’re looking for a dating site, MilfsCity isn’t the place to be. With public profiles and limited features, it’s not worth your time or money.

The user profiles are pretty basic; they include age, location info (which can’t be hidden), and a few photos – that’s about it! There doesn’t seem to be any indication of how far away users are from each other either – so if distance is important to you then this might not work out too well. Plus there aren’t many options when it comes to customizing your bio either – so forget about setting yourself apart with something witty or creative here!

As for benefits associated with premium subscriptions? Well…there really aren’t any that I could find in my testing period on the site. So don’t expect anything extra special even if you do decide to upgrade your account status here at MilfsCity. And speaking of upgrades: watch out for fake accounts as I encountered quite a few during my trial run on the platform which was super annoying considering all these fakers were trying hard just get me sign up into their “premium subscription plan". All-in-all though? Not impressed by what I saw while using this service…it felt like more trouble than its worth honestly!

Bottom line: If you’re serious about finding someone online then skip over Milfscity because chances are good that won’t happen here due lacklustre features offered by them compared others sites available today who offer much better services than what we have seen from milfscity

Help & Support

If you’re looking for a dating site with great support, MilfsCity is not the place to be. The response time when it comes to customer service and technical issues is abysmal – if they even respond at all! I contacted them multiple times but never got an answer or anything close to satisfactory.

There isn’t much of a FAQ page either; so don’t expect any help from there. And forget about getting in touch with someone directly via email – that’s like trying to find a needle in haystack! They do have live chat feature, which could come handy sometimes, but more often than not it doesn’t work properly or simply won’t connect you with anyone who can actually help solve your problem.

To make matters worse their phone number seems non-existent too – calling just leads into some kind of weird limbo where nothing happens and no one ever picks up the line…I guess they’re hoping people will give up eventually? Not sure what their game plan here is… All this makes me think that MilfsCity has absolutely zero interest in providing its users good quality customer service experience – talk about disappointment!

In conclusion: If you want quick answers and reliable support then stay away from MilfsCity because chances are slim (if nonexistent) that anyone would get back to you anytime soon…or maybe ever? That being said though if your main goal was just finding dates then go ahead give ‘em try since this part works quite well on their website despite everything else going downhill fast around here..

Security & Safety

When it comes to safety and security, MilfsCity is a huge letdown. This dating app has no verification process for users, so there’s no way of knowing if the person you’re talking to is who they say they are. Plus, with zero measures in place against bots or fake accounts – like two-step authentication – your personal information could be at risk here!

The photos on this site aren’t manually reviewed either; I’m sure that some members have taken advantage of this by posting inappropriate images without any repercussions. And don’t even get me started on their privacy policy – talk about shady! It looks like all bets are off when it comes to protecting user data from being shared or sold elsewhere… yikes!

It really pains me to give such a negative review for MilfsCity but unfortunately its lack of security features make it an unsafe option when looking for love online. If you want peace of mind while swiping through potential matches then steer clear: there’s just too much room for error here and not enough safeguards in place should something go wrong (which let’s face it…it probably will).


When it comes to MilfsCity, you get what you pay for – and that’s not much. This dating site isn’t free; in fact, the prices are pretty steep. Sure, they offer a few perks with their paid subscription packages like unlimited messaging and profile views but is it really worth shelling out your hard-earned cash? Not if you ask me!

The pricing structure at MilfsCity isn’t competitive either so don’t expect any discounts or deals here. If anything, this website will have your wallet crying “uncle” faster than a cat on hot bricks! Plus there are no real benefits of getting a paid membership other than being able to send messages – which can be done easily enough without having to break the bank first. All in all I’d say steer clear of this one unless money grows on trees for ya’.

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Similar Sites

Some alternatives to MilfsCity include SeniorMatch, OurTime, and eHarmony. These sites offer a variety of features such as compatibility matching and profile creation tools that can help you find the perfect match for you.

  • Match.com
  • eHarmony
  • Plenty of Fish
  • OkCupid
  • Tinder

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to date older women.
  • Best for people seeking a more mature relationship.
  • Best for those who appreciate the experience and wisdom of an older partner.


1. Is MilfsCity worth the money?

I wouldn’t say MilfsCity is worth the money. It’s not a great site, and I’ve had some pretty bad experiences with it. Overall, it’s just not worth your time or money.

2. Does MilfsCity have a mobile app?

No, MilfsCity doesn’t have a mobile app. It’s really inconvenient and makes it hard to stay connected with potential matches on the go. I’m not impressed that they don’t offer this service like other dating sites do.

3. Is MilfsCity trustworthy?

I wouldn’t trust MilfsCity – it’s a shady dating site with questionable intentions. It doesn’t seem to be very reliable and I would advise against using it. You’re better off looking for love elsewhere!

4. Is MilfsCity working and can you find someone there?

I tried MilfsCity and it’s definitely not worth the effort. I didn’t find anyone there, so I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s just a waste of time in my opinion.

Steve Mayeda

Steve Mayeda is an online dating expert who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. He started out as a relationship coach and soon found his passion in writing reviews on the latest dating sites and apps. With years of experience, Steve brings insight to the ever-changing world of online romance. Originally from California, Steve earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology at San Diego State University before continuing onto Pepperdine University where he received his Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on relationships and family dynamics. After graduating, he worked as both a psychotherapist and professor teaching classes related to human behavior & communication skills while working one-on-one with clients seeking help navigating their own romantic lives or marriages that needed repair work due to infidelity or other issues plaguing them personally or professionally . His interest grew further when technology began changing how people date each other; so much so that it became difficult for many individuals looking for love through traditional means such as going out socially without having access to reliable resources like those provided by popular internet platforms like Tinder , Bumble , Hinge etc.. This led him down the path towards becoming an authority figure within this space - reviewing new products/services available along with offering advice about what works best based off personal experiences & research conducted independently throughout different mediums (i blogs / podcasts). Ultimately Steve wants nothing more than seeing others succeed romantically which is why he continues doing what does today: giving readers honest opinions backed up data points they can trust!

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